Sebastian Torres is the son of Maria and Robert Torres. Sebastian first appears as a little boy whose mother reports seeing a shadowy figure standing over his bed, apparently, am apparition that has been haunting his family for decades.

Background Edit

Sebastian's parents married when he was three years old. He was the ring bearer at their wedding ceremony.

After his parents' separation, Sebastian lives with his mother in Los Gatos, CA.

Personality Edit

Sebastian seems to be a calm and intelligent child. Alex Reagan describes him as "wise beyond [his] years".[1]

Appearances Edit

Episode 102: TBA.

Episode 107: Sebastian is kidnapped, but shows up unharmed in an abandoned cabin with strange writing on the wall. He claims to have no memory of the incident. The drawings on the wall are child-like, and Alex nearly believes Sebastian drew them himself, except that some of them reach to the ceiling, much taller than Sebastian could reach. The markings are eerily similar to markings and drawings from Simon Reese's Black Tape case, and include an upside-down face, mystical geometric numbers, and the face from Sebastian's closet.

Relationships Edit

Maria Torres-Rodriguez: Sebastian's mother, with whom he lives.

Robert Torres: Sebastian's father, from whom he and his mother are estranged.

Tall Paul: A mysterious, shadowy figure which follows Sebastian around. Sebastian refers to Tall Paul as "my friend".

Quotes Edit

“…trust me, if you could see the footage – that kid is really cute. The strange tall shadow in the background – not as cute.” – Alex Reagan[1]

"Sebastian is not your typical kid. He reminded me of those child actors they always cast in ghost movies: those etherial, way wise-beyond-their-years kids. Scary kids."[1]

Trivia Edit

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References Edit

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