The Order of the Cenophus is a loose affiliation of the Benedictine Code, which broke away from the mainstream Benedictines in the 16th century.[1]

Chapters Edit

Glushka chapter: Based in the Glushka monastery. Has become "notorious" for the tragedies surrounding the monastery.[1]

Saransk chapter: Based in the Saransk monastery.

Notable Members Edit

Percival Black: An English composer associated with the Unsound.

Ivan: A monk who threw himself from the top of the Glushka monastery's tower in 1742. According to Amalia Chenkova, there’s an old Bulgarian children’s song about his suicide and a particular line in the song translates roughly to, “Ivan thinks he can fly to God, but the Devil has him by the ankles. The pale robes still shake their heads", the pale robes being a reference to the brothers of the Order of the Cenophus.[1]

Appearances Edit

Episode 110: Amalia tells Alex about the history of the Order, before sending her VHS footage of a seance which occurred in the monastery at Glushka. Alex and Nic watch the video, and Alex narrates its contents to the audience.

Quotes Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • Although most Benedictine monks wear black robes, monks of the Order of the Cenophus wear pale grey robes. Brothers of the Order are known as "grey robes".

References Edit

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