Mrs. Wendt is the mother of Seattle rock singer and Black Tape subject Jeff Wendt, as well as his older sister Alice. Her first name is unknown.

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Mrs. Wendt seems to be a deeply religious woman.

On the second floor of her home, she keeps an elaborate shrine to Jesus, including some depictions of Christ's crucifixion which Dr. Strand characterizes as "graphic".

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Jeff Wendt: Her son, with whom she lived. Mrs. Wendt was reportedly "convinced her son was somehow possessed by evil spirits".[1]

Alice: Mrs. Wendt's older child.

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Episode 103: While investigating Jeff Wendt's death and the Unsound, Alex and Dr. Strand speak with Mrs. Wendt, and she shows them around her house. Alex describes her as "still in deep mourning".

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Throughout Episode 103, she is only referred to as "Jeff's mother"; her last name may not even be Wendt.

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