June Jacobson is Coralee Strand 's mother.  

Background Edit

When interviewed by Alex regarding Coralee's disappearance in 1997, she maintains that a postcard she and her husband received a couple of years prior was evidence that Coralee was still alive, and isn't convinced Richard Strand was involved in her disappearance.

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Relationships Edit

Lawrence Jacobson: The exact state of June and Lawrence's relationship is unknown, although they have extremely different opinions on Coralee and Richard.

Coralee Strand: Unlike her husband, June believes that Coralee is still alive.

Charlie Strand: After Coralee's disappearance, Charlie came to live with the Jacobsons.

Dr. Richard Strand: Unlike her husband, June does not blame Richard for Coralee's disappearance.

Quotes Edit

  • "The Jacobsons are probably not the most... reliable source... where anything regarding my father is concerned." – Charlie Strand[1]

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References Edit

  1. The Black Tapes Podcast, "Episode 108 - Board to Death"
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