Jeff Wendt was the lead singer of Seattle rock group Hastur Rising, prior to his suicide.

Background Edit

Prior to Jeff's suicide, the band had "been together for a long time".[1]

Jeff lived with his mother, although he "could have afforded his own house." His mother claims he liked "living ... in the house he grew up in."

Personality Edit

According to Keith, Jeff had an unhealthy fascination with the occult, in addition to substance abuse issues (with both "booze" and drugs).[1]

Keith describes Jeff's introduction to the occult as "like a religious awakening."

Relationships Edit

Keith Dabic: During an interview, Keith describes Jeff as his "best friend", although it is unknown whether this feeling was mutual.[1]

Jeff's mother: Jeff and his mother lived in his childhood home. The state of their relationship prior to his death is unknown.

Alice: Jeff's older sister. She lives in Portland.[1] The state of her relationship with her brother prior to his death is unknown.

Appearances Edit

Episode 103: The episode's Black Tape focuses on Jeff's suicide in relation to the Unsound. His voice appears in the form of an audio clip played by Alex.

Trivia Edit

  • Jeff's last name may be an oblique reference to Pete Wentz, the charismatic bassist and lyricist of pop-rock band Fall Out Boy.
  • Coincidentally, Jeff uses the same software in his garage recording studio as the PNWS does on their podcasts.[1]

Quotes Edit

  • "He was charming, controversial, and talented. And last month, Jeff Wendt was found dead in the garage in [sic] the house he grew up in. He was only 27." – Alex Reagan[1]
  • "He was my best friend." – Keith Dabic[1]
  • "He was a gifted yet troubled man who didn't seek medical attention." – Dr. Richard Strand[1]
  • "This is where we used to watch TV. He liked crime dramas, mostly." – Jeff's mother[1]

References Edit

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