Dr. Isaiah Roth was a professor at the University of Washington who conducted a study using talking boards to measure ideomotor response. He died sometime in 2012 or 2013.[1]

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In 1993, Dr. Roth conducted a study on the ideomotor response at the University of Washington using talking boards.

After the disturbing events of the experiment, he contacted Dr. Strand and sent him a tape of the experiment, possibly out of a desire for a rational explanation for the events. Dr. Strand interviewed Dr. Roth at some point prior to his death.

During the experiment's debriefing process, Dr. Roth lied to Michelle Braid, telling her that the board spelled out nonsense rather than the answers he read out. He may have lied similarly to other members of Michelle's cohort.

Dr. Roth died three years before Episode 108 was recorded (sometime in 2012 or 2013; no exact date is provided).[1]

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Episode 108: Dr. Roth appears on the black tape which Dr. Strand shows Alex in Episode 108.

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