Charlie Strand is the daughter of Dr. Richard Strand and stepdaughter of Coralee Strand. She lives somewhere in Italy.[1]

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Appearances Edit

Episode 107: PNWS receives an angry voicemail from Charlie, in which she accuses Alex Reagan of exploiting her father for fame, and asks for herself and her mother to be kept out of the podcast.

Episode 108: Alex and Charlie skype. Charlie seems less angry, and says that she "was having a bad day" when she sent the message. Alex attempts to question Charlie further about her mother, but Charlie is pressed for time, and exits the Skype call abruptly. After the call drops, TBTP producer Nic Silver attempts to make another appointment with Charlie for a follow-up interview.

Relationships Edit

Coralee Strand: As of Episode 107, Charlie believes her mother is dead.[2]

Richard Strand: Charlie is estranged from her father, although she does not believe he is responsible for her mother's death.[2]

Lawrence and June Jacobson: Charlie's step-grandparents. Charlie went to live with the Jacobsons shortly after her mother's disappearance.

Quotes Edit

  • "Charlie Strand is a natural beauty, [with] shoulder-length brown hair, huge hazel eyes that seem to both challenge and comfort at the same time, and not a touch of make-up. She could be tall, (...) but I couldn't tell." – Alex Reagan[1]

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References Edit

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